Thank you for considering a donation to our creative efforts. Take a look at our incentive levels below. We hope you'll find one that you like!

We've tried to answer some common fundraising questions below, if you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to info@bangtribe.com.

  • Level 1

    A ¡BANG! sticker
    and our eternal gratitude. Sticker is 5x3.25 inches big and kiss cut .

  • Level 2

    A pair of ¡BANG! laser etched drumsticks
    plus a ¡BANG! sticker, and our eternal gratitude.                               

  • Level 3

    ¡BANG! Tshirt (design pending)
    plus a pair of ¡BANG! drumsticks, a ¡BANG! sticker, and our eternal gratitude. We will contact you for your size preference.

  • Level 4

    Commemorative ¡BANG! drumhead
    from a previous event with our handwritten thank you on it plus a ¡BANG! Tshirt, a pair of ¡BANG! drumsticks, a ¡BANG! sticker, and our eternal gratitude.

  • Level 5

    Your own personal ¡BANG! drum
    plus a commemorative ¡BANG! drumhead, a ¡BANG! Tshirt, a pair of ¡BANG! drumsticks, a ¡BANG! sticker, and our eternal gratitude.

  • Level 6

    Sponsor a ¡BANG! drumset
    With this money we will be able to purchase an additional set of drums. An engraved plaque with your name will be affixed to a drum on the ¡BANG! Tower. You will also receive everything from Level 5.

  • Level 7

    Your own personal ¡BANG! Tower party
    We’ll transport, setup and host a ¡BANG! party at your location within the DFW area pending availability. Travel outside DFW possible, fees to be determined. You will also receive everything from Level 5.

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Q. Why so many drums?

Simply put, more drums = more participation. Drums are interactive, universal, and cross-cultural. From the earliest days of mankind, we have created rhythm. The earliest drums in recorded history date back 8,000 years. Having been used for communication, ritual, and entertainment, we use drums to tap into the primal instincts of participants. Universal, cross-cultural, specialized skill not required, adaptive to the needs of community.

Q. Why not use Kickstarter, GoFundMe, or similar?

Those sites charge a 5% fee in addition to payment processing fees, and we’d rather spend that money on drums.

Q. How much are you trying to raise?

$3,500 + stretch goal for add’l propane

Q. How will you spend the money?

All money raised will go toward our 2017 Burning Man Festival presentation of ¡BANG! Including, but not limited to: Additional Drums, Improved Mounting System, Hardware, Sound-activated Lighting, Lighted Signs / Aesthetics, Interactive fire art, and consumable items like sticks, and heads, which are replaced often, and fuel.

Q. How do we know you’ll do what you say you’ll do?

Because we’ve already begun. We already own most of the infrastructure; lots of drums and cymbals, lighting, van and trailer for transportation, PA, projection system, generator, etc. We just need your help to take it to the next level creatively to engage even more participants.