An interactive rhythmic experience

Featuring three levels of drums, musicians, DJs, sound-reactive lighting, and projected visuals; ¡BANG! is an interactive art project for Burning Man, Regional Festivals, and beyond. We debuted the original ¡BANG! installation at Myschievia in 2016, and look forward to using what we've learned to make upgrades and improvements for Burning Man 2017, and continuing to develop interactive art.
¡BANG! is traveling to Black Rock City. In August, 2017, this interactive experience will travel 3,500 miles round trip on a trek to celebrate life, art and performance with 70,000 participants.

An interactive, not-for-profit art experience, ¡BANG! brings a unique gift to Black Rock City, above and beyond an interactive tower of drums; it's a powered stage for circus performers, musicians, fire artists, DJs, aerialists, and anyone who want to share their talents with the citizens of Black Rock City. After Burning Man 2017, this interactive art installation will roam - bringing art to communities nationwide.

As you all know, projects like this take work of many hands with different specialities. We've got a great team of builders, but we'll need some financial assistance to make the next phase of this project a reality.


Who Is ¡BANG!

¡BANG! is a tribe, a collective of like-minded individuals striving to tear down the 4th wall between performer and audience, and building community through shared experience.


Drum Wrangler & Idea Guy


As a drum and percussion teacher in the Dallas area since 1999, Rob has shared his passion for drums, and inspired thousands of students. As a performer, Rob has entertained countless numbers of fans internationally over the last twenty five years. Current music projects range from metal, to world music, industrial, and punk rock. No stranger to large-scale art projects and theme camps, previous Burning Man projects include Flight to Mars funhouse and performing live at the Black Rock Roller Disco in the early 2000's. As far as theme camp hospitality, we've delivered hundreds of pizzas with Pizza Smut, and turned bacon flare ups into a fire art form with Baconeers. Rob embraces ¡BANG! as an opportunity to continue sharing his life's passion.

Sweet T

Sounding Board & Details Girl


Sweet T has been performing on stage since 8 years old. She found that acting, singing and dancing came naturally. Landing starring roles throughout high school, earned her an invitation to study theater in New York City at American Musical & Dramatic Academy. A few years after leaving New York and moving to Dallas, she began performing in bands. A road trip to Burning Man in 2003, expanded Sweet T's creativity into new areas of performance art, including fire dance, poi and hooping. Preceding Burning Man projects include Flight to Mars, Pizza Smut, Baconeers, and an exclusive performance at Black Rock Roller Disco. Sweet T loves ¡BANG! and what it stands for...providing a platform for humans to come together and create music.


Equal and Opposite


Loves travel, seeing and making art, and playing music. Thought Burning Man would be a onetime trip. Seven Burning Mans and 30 something regional events later, he is still at it. WayWard has led a number of theme camps, projects, and fundraisers. Most recently WayWard has been building flame effects for Celtic Chaos and private events. Prior work and roles include Dallas CORE 2012 - The Hatchery project founder and lead, 2009 Myschievia Batcave Facilitator, and artist for the 2008 art installation "The Dreamroom". WayWard is looking forward being a part of a unique and highly interactive experience with ¡BANG!

Vivy Toast


Vivy loves a good giggle and prank. She had to be talked into her first trip to Burning Man in 2002. She saw something special there and has been back nine more times. Vivy has been an integral part of many theme camps and art projects including Dallas CORE 2012 - The Hatchery and the 2008 art installation "The Dreamroom".

Long Lost Lance

Grand Poobah of Ritualistic Interactive Otherworld Summoning


Long Lost Lance came to the playa first in 2002 with Flight to Mars as a builder for the Mutant Vehicle, the Buddha Bus. Having come to Black Rock City seven times over the past 15 years, he is still amazed at watching this small 30,000-person town grow to small city of over twice that population. He has served as a semi driver for Flight to Mars, in theme camp corporate acquisitions for Pizza Smut, and as Grand Poobah of Ritualistic Interactive Otherworld Summoning for ¡BANG!


Imaginer of Various Visuals


A visual art teacher with a punk rock attitude, Rampaige's early creative experiences were playing cello in orchestras and guitar, making music her first love. Her interest in visual art became a passion at 17 after viewing a university student-senior gallery show. Embarking on a journey of learning and creating, Rampaige graduated from The UTPB College of Visual Art in 2008. With a desire to inspire young people to become great artists, Rampaige began teaching high school art. Since relocating to DFW, she now teaches drawing, painting, and sculpture to students ages 5 to 18. Rampaige's students have made outdoor public installations, competed in county art shows, and created large collaborative projects. Rampaige continues to make art independently, primarily 2D works. This will be Rampaige's first big burn, only attending Myschevia in 2016.


Drum Head of Operations


Lifelong lover of music. Longtime player of music, starting in high school as a violin player, amateur player of various stringed instruments through the years, and in recent years nurturing a new passion for the drums. Founding member of ¡BANG! in its inception to its first incarnation at Myschievia in 2016. Passionate about radical inclusion. Newcomer to driving out to the middle of nowhere and burning men. And forever unsure about this whole thing. Engineer, mathemagician, ice czar. Koko fixes Justin's stuff. Being quiet doesn't mean I have nothing to say, just that you're not ready to hear my thoughts. That, or I'm drunk. Can often be found on or around a three-story tower of drums. Come ¡BANG! with Koko!



Tully likes Margaritas, long walks on the playa, making art and setting it on fire.



Justin makes stuff. Sometimes that stuff works.


Director of Black Water Management


"Well, if it rains, I don't care
Don't make no difference to me
Just take that streetcar that's going uptown
Yeah, I'd like to hear some funky Dixieland and dance a honky-tonk
And I'll be buying everybody drinks all round".



Fireball is a pint sized meatsack full of hippie, vibrating with a creative fire. In the past 45 years she has become a painter, a draftperson, a signmaker, a seamstress, a welder, a builder and a damn fine cook. Can ya tell she is ADD and likes to learn new stuff? In the past 4 years she and her partner brought Spindra and Texas Rain to several regional burns. She wants to help bring more interactive art to all the Playas and ¡BANG! seems like the best way to do that. Good people – Good art. If you try real hard, you get what you need.



SOS is a white haired, bourbon drinking bundle of engineering skills and problem solving solutions. He has been instrumental in making sure the art he was part of bringing to Playa (Spindra and Texas Rain) didn't fall down and hurt someone. He has been known to sleep on stairs, howl at the moon and spin at all crossroads. He is SO ready to be part of ¡BANG! and make some LOUD art.



This will be Lost's third burning man in as many years. She's camped with the Barbies and the Confederacy of Dunces, volunteering in the Barbie Day Spa and with ICE. She's had her hands dirty helping with a few art projects in the past. A few of Lost's interests include: Dust in all the places, Playa lasagne in my cup (only ask if you really want to know), howling at the sunset, climbing things without a plan how to get down, and providing emotional support zebra services.


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¡BANG! is also available for hire for your personal events. Please contact us for more information.

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